Groups '93 Galway/St Andrews: Volume 1

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August 2005



This two-volume book contains selected papers from the international conference 'Groups 1993 Galway/St Andrews'


1. Geometry, Steinberg representations and complexity J. L. Alperin and G. Mason; 2. The structure of metabelian finite groups Z. Arad, E. Fisman and M. Muzychuk; 3. Table algebras of extended Gagola-type and applications to finite group theory Z. Arad, E. Fisman and C. M. Scoppola; 4. On the saturation of formations of finite groups A. Ballester-Bolinches and L. M. Ezquerro; 5. Locally constructed formations of finite groups A. Ballester-Bolinches and C. Juan-Martinez; 6. Reflections on virtually one-relator groups K. Bencsath and B. Fine; 7. Rickard equivalences and block theory M. Broue; 8. Computing the conjugacy classes of elements of a finite group G. Butler; 9. Quotient categories of modules over group algebras J. F. Carlson; 10. Weak chain conditions for non-almost normal subgroups G. Cutolo and L. A. Kurdachenko; 11. Computation of the character table of affine groups using Fischer matrices M. R. Darafsheh and A. Iranmanesh; 12. The lattice of compact representations of an infinite group D. Dikranjan; 13. Automorphisms of nilpotent and related groups M. R. Dixon; 14. Generation of orthogonal groups over finite fields A. G. Earnest; 15. The structure of certain Coxeter groups V. Felsch, D. L. Johnson, J. Neubuser and S. V. Tsaranov; 16. n-free groups and questions about universally free groups B. Fine, A. M. Gaglione, G. Rosenberger and D. Spellman; 17. Classification of all generating pairs of two generator Fuchsian groups B. Fine and G. Rosenberger; 18. Parametric words and models of the elementary theory of non-abelian free groups A. M. Gaglione and D. Spellman; 19. The groups G(n,l) as fundamental groups of Seifert fibered homology L. Grasselli; 20. Spheres C. K. Gupta and V. Shpilrain; 21. Lifting automorphisms : a survey P. Z. Hermann; 22. (MI)-groups acting uniserially on a normal subgroup E. Jespers, M. M. Parmenter and P. F. Smith; 23. Revisiting a theorem of Higman P. H. Kropholler; 24. Cohomological finiteness conditions.
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