The Study of Agricultural Geography

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Agricultural geography is defined as the study of the geographical and locational attributes, patterns, and processes of crop and animal farming, and related subjects such as farm land, farm-associated human geographers, environmental issues, and theoretical works on the location of agricultural activities. The study of agricultural geography has produced a large amount of literature. This volume records and presents, in an organized manner, as much of this literature as possible. The entries of this compendium are written in a wide array of languages, including English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Swedish, Danish, Dutch, Russian and others in order to provide the widest coverage possible.


Part 1 Preface Part 2 Part 1: GENERAL AND THEORETICAL WORKS Part 3 Part 2: NORTH AMERICA Chapter 4 The United States as a Whole Chapter 5 The Northeastern United States Chapter 6 The Southeastern United States Chapter 7 The Midwestern United States Chapter 8 The Great Plains of the United States Chapter 9 The Mountain States Chapter 10 The Pacific Region of the United States Chapter 11 Canada as a Whole Chapter 12 Eastern Canada Chapter 13 Western Canada Chapter 14 The Canadian North Chapter 15 Greenland Part 16 Part 3: LATIN AMERICA Chapter 17 Latin America as a Whole Chapter 18 Middle America as a Whole Chapter 19 Central America as a Whole Chapter 20 The Caribbean as a Whole Chapter 21 South America as a Whole Part 22 Part 4: EUROPE Chapter 23 Europe as a Whole Chapter 24 Western Europe Chapter 25 Southern Europe Chapter 26 Eastern Europe Part 27 Part 5: RUSSIA, UKRAINE, TRANSCAUCASIA, AND THE SOUTHERN FRINGE Part 28 Part 6: SOUTHWEST ASIA AND NORTH AFRICA Chapter 29 Southwest Asia as a Whole Chapter 30 North Africa Part 31 Part 7: AFRICA SOUTH OF THE SAHARA Part 32 Part 8: ASIA Chapter 33 Asia as a Whole Chapter 34 South Asia as a Whole Chapter 35 Southeast Asia as a Whole Chapter 36 East Asia Part 37 Part 9: AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND, AND THE PACIFIC BASIN Chapter 38 Australia Chapter 39 Fiji and the Pacific Islands Chapter 40 New Zealand Chapter 41 Papua New Guinea Part 42 Author/Editor Index Part 43 About the Author


Thomas Rumney is a professor of geography at Plattsburgh State University.


The reference work is a perfect place to begin an exploration of any problem related to a pattern in agriculture regardless of whether the pattern has a historic, social, political, climatologic, or other explanation...The table of contents gives an excellent overview of scope and is a good place to begin. American Reference Books Annual ...valuable... Reference Reviews, vol. 21 no. 1 (2007) In this compilation of sources in agricultural geography, Rumney (geography, SUNY-Plattsburgh) provides a list of literature on geographical and locational attributes, crops and cropping patterns, animal husbandry, dairying, farm land, and agricultural populations, and conservation, social, and environmental issues, which are sorted geographically and by topic, then chronological order. The sources span the US and Canada, Latin America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australasia-Oceania, and include specific states and countries within continents. The atlases, books, articles, theses, and dissertations are in several languages. Scitech Book News Thomas Rumney has produced an impressively complete bibliography of world agricultural geography, a task that would appear not to have been done before, and one that will undoubtedly prove useful to students and scholars for many years to come... An important addition for libraries and reference collections across the social sciences... Any scholar browsing through its pages is sure to come across many items germane to his or her research... This book will certainly be of use to students, giving them an idea of the range and diversity of geographic study as it relates to agriculture and offering a focused set of sources on, say, animal husbandry in California, or cropping patterns in Bulgaria, or irrigation in Pakistan. It will serve equally well as a starting point for further research or as a backstop for the more experienced scholar. Journal Of Agriculture and Environmental Ethics
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