Zen Meditation Balls

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Februar 2006



"Zen Meditation Balls" are a welcome addition to a frazzled world! Long considered a mainstream Eastern practice, meditation has experienced an unprecedented growth in the West, with millions of us practicing meditations for its physical, mental and spiritual benefits. "Our Zen Meditation Balls" are a moving counterpoint to the inner stillness of a meditative session. By hitting specific pressure points on the palms of your hands, these metal balls send signals through your nervous system that it's time to relax and let go. You can make meditation a part of your daily routine with this kit. Complete with 2 beautiful, high-quality gently chiming meditation balls, this is an 88-page book, with step-by-step instructions on how you can lower stress and improve your health. In a new mega mini kit format, the contents are visible, and the kit is secured with a firm magnetic clasp. The contents include: 2 zen meditation balls, silky bag, and an 88-page book.


Alison Trulock is a freelance writer who has penned various mini kits including, Build Your Own Snow Globe, Groovy Magma-Motion Lamp, Scapegoat, and Wee Little Garden Gnome. More recently, she co-authored Snowwoman in a Box. She lives in Kirkwood, MO.
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