State Failure, Collapse & Reconstruction

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August 2003



This book situates state failure and state collapse in historical context and explains the structures and forces that have led to state collapse in a number of countries around the world. It also analyses and critiques contemporary interventions and reconstruction efforts in collapsed states.


Notes on Contributors. State Failure, State Collapse and State Reconstruction: Jennifer Milliken and Keith Krause, Graduate Institute of International Studies. Part I: States, Statebuilding and State Collapse:. 1. Putting State Collapse in Context: History, Politics and the Genealogy of a Concept: Christopher Clapham, Lancaster University. 2. State Collapse and Fresh Starts: Some Critical Reflections: Martin Doornbos, Institute of Social Studies. 3.State Collapse and Implications for Peace--Building and Reconstruction: Alexandros Yannis, Graduate Institute of International Studies. Part II: Anatomies of Failure and Collapse:. 4. Collapsing States and Non--Revolutionary Insurgencies: William Reno, Northwestern University. 5. Rising From the Ashes? The Difficult Rebirth of the Georgian State: Spyros Demetriou, Graduate Institute of International Studies. 6. Try Again, Fail Again? Adventures in State--Building in Afghanistan: Jonathon Goodhand and Christopher Cramer, SOAS. 7. Africa: Private Military Intervention and Arms Proliferation in the Process of State Decay: Abdel--Fatau Musah, Centre for Democracy and Development. 8. State Collapse as Business: The Role of Conflict Trade and the Emerging Control Agenda: Robert Neil Cooper, University of Plymouth. Part III: Relief and Reconstruction:. 9. UNTAC in Cambodia: A New Model for Humanitarian Aid in Collapsed States?: Daniel Chong, School of International Service, American University. 10. From East Timor to Participatory Intervention: Jarat Chopra, Brown University. 11. Rebuilding State Institutions in Collapsed States: Marina Ottaway, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. 12. Aid Conditionality as a Tool for Peacebuilding: Opportunities and Constraints: James Boyce, University of Massachusetts, Amherst. 13. Reconstructing the Borderlands: Aid as a Relation of Global Governance: Mark Duffield, University of Leeds. Index.


Jennifer Milliken is Assistant Professor at the Graduate Institute of International Studies in Geneva. She is the author of The Social Construction of the Korean War: Conflict and its Possibilities (2001).

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