Continuous System Simulation

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Highly computer-oriented text, introducing numerical methods and algorithms along with the applications and conceptual tools. Includes homework problems, suggestions for research projects, and open-ended questions at the end of each chapter. Written by our successful author who also wrote Continuous System Modeling, a best-selling Springer book first published in the 1991 (sold about 1500 copies).


Introduction, Scope, Definitions.- Basic Principles of Numerical Integration.- Single-step Integration Methods.- Multi-step Integration Methods.- Second Derivative Systems.- Partial Differential Equations.- Differential Algebraic Equations.- Differential Algebraic Equation Solvers.- Simulation of Discontinuous Systems.- Real-time Simulation.- Discrete Event Simulation.- Quantization-based Integration.


From the reviews:
"This is a graduate-level textbook, a sequel to continuous system modeling ... . The text provides a plentiful number of exercises and projects at various levels of difficulty. Each chapter has a carefully selected list of references." (William J. Satzer jun, Zentralblatt MATH, Vol. 1112 (8), 2007)
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