Sampling Methods

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Whenweagreedtoshareallofourpreparationofexercisesinsamplingtheory to create a book, we were not aware of the scope of the work. It was indeed necessary to compose the information, type out the compilations, standardise the notations and correct the drafts. It is fortunate that we have not yet measured the importance of this project, for this work probably would never have been attempted! In making available this collection of exercises, we hope to promote the teaching of sampling theory for which we wanted to emphasise its diversity. The exercises are at times purely theoretical while others are originally from real problems, enabling us to approach the sensitive matter of passing from theory to practice that so enriches survey statistics. The exercises that we present were used as educational material at the École Nationale de la Statistique et de l'Analyse de l'Information (ENSAI), where we had successively taught sampling theory. We are not the authors of all the exercises. In fact, some of them are due to Jean-Claude Deville and Laurent Wilms. We thank them for allowing us to reproduce their exercises. It is also possible that certain exercises had been initially conceived by an author that we have not identi?ed. Beyondthe contribution of our colleagues, and in all cases, we do not consider ourselves to be the lone authors of these exercises:they actually form part of a common heritagefrom ENSAI that has been enriched and improved due to questions from students and the work of all the demonstrators of the sampling course at ENSAI.


Simple Random Sampling.
Sampling with Unequal Probabilities.
Multi-stage Sampling.
Calibration with an Auxiliary Variable.
Calibration with Several Auxiliary Variables.
Variance Estimation.
Treatment of Non-response.


Pascal Ardilly is the Head of the Department of Sampling and Treatment of Statistical Data at the Institut National de la Statistique et des Études Économiques, (INSEE, France).
Yves Tillé is a professor at the University of Neuchâtel (Switzerland).


From the reviews:
"Each chapter begins with essential theory to solve the problems, and then the problems are presented. Each problem is followed directly by a solution. Most of the exercises are designed to elucidate the principles of classical sampling theory. ... The basic problems would be suitable for assigning to senior undergraduates and beginning graduate students. The more advanced problems would be useful for training of practitioners of survey science." (M.E. Thompson, Short Book Reviews, Vol. 26 (1), 2006)
"This outstanding book, on exercises and solutions in sampling methods, is divided into nine chapters ... . The book will be a great asset for graduate as well as advanced undergraduate students in sampling methods, and their teachers. Researchers and survey practitioners will also find it very useful. The list of references, which is ... very relevant, will endear the book to its readers. The authors have done an excellent job and we are the beneficiaries." (Rahul Mukerjee, Zentralblatt MATH, Vol. 1088 (14), 2006)
"The book is a collection of 116 sampling exercises ... . Given the universality of sampling in real life ... a book such as this one is highly welcome. The exercises do show these many aspects really well. Therefore this book is strongly recommended." (Götz Uebe, Advances in Statistical Analysis, Vol. 91 (1), 2007)
"...I would recommend that anyone who teaches or takes a course in survey sampling theory and methods obtain a copy of this book." (David Bellhouse, The American Statistician, Vol. 61, No. 3, 2007)
"Sampling Methods: Exercises and Solutions would be very useful....It provides a thorough coverage of elementary sampling through practice questions that provide an excellent grounding in the subject material....I would recommend that anyone who teaches or takes a course in survey sampling theory and methods obtain a copy of this book." (Sylvie Mrug of Reviews of Books and Teaching Materials, Vol. 61 (3), 2007)

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