Liability and Responsibility: Essays in Law and Morals

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August 2005



This thought-provoking volume will help to shed light on the underexplored ground that lies between law and morals.


Preface; List of contributors; Introduction R. G. Frey and Christopher W. Morris; Part I. Responsibility: Some Conceptual Problems: 1. Can responsibility be diminished? Anthony Kenny; 2. Intention and side-effects John Finnis; 3. Attempting the impossible Alan R. White; Part II. Consent, Choice and Contracts: 4. Beyond foreseeability: consequential damages in the law of contract Richard A. Epstein; 5. Rights and remedies in a consent theory of contract Randy E. Barnett; 6. A bargaining theory approach to default provisions and disclosure rules in contract law Jules L. Coleman, Douglas D. Heckathorn and Steven M. Maser; Part III. Risk, Compensation and Torts: 7. Theories of compensation Robert E. Goodin; 8. Liberty, community and corrective justice Ernest J. Weinrib; 9. Risk, causation, and harm Glen O. Robinson; Part IV. Punishment: 10. Retributive hatred: an essay on criminal liability and the emotions Jeffrie G. Murphy; 11. A new theory of retribution Jean Hampton; 12. Punishment and self-defense George P. Fletcher.


"...a strong collection containing a number of fine papers by well-respected authors...the book as a whole is a worthy collection deserving the attention of legal and moral philosophers interested in questions of liability." Canadian Philosophical Review
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