Pragmatic Development in a Second Language

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This volume offers the first book-length treatment of second and foreign language learners' acquisition of pragmatics. It provides an up-to-date account of research findings and covers such central topics as the theoretical and empirical approaches to L2 pragmatic development, the relationship of pragmatic and grammatical development, the role of different learning contexts, the effect of instruction, and individual differences.Comprehensive discussion of developmental interlanguage pragmatics, presenting an up-to-date account of research findings Key source for researchers and graduate students working in applied linguistics, second language studies, pragmatics, discourse, sociolinguistics, and psycholinguistics


1. Introduction: Interlanguage Pragmatics in Developmental Perspective. 2. Theories of Second Language. Pragmatic Development. Descriptive Studies. Theories and Constructs. Explaining Pragmatic Development. Chapter Summary. 3. Methods in Pragmatics Research. Approaches to Pragmatics across the Social Sciences. Spoken Interaction. Questionnaires. Oral and Narrative Self-reports. Chapter Summary. 4. Patterns of Second Language Pragmatic Development. Pragmatic Comprehension. Pragmatic and Discourse Ability. Speech Acts. Pragmatic Transfer and Development. Chapter Summary. 5. The Development of Pragmatics and Grammar. Re-opening the Research Agenda. Pragmatics Precedes Grammar. Grammar Precedes Pragmatics. Pragmatics and Grammar in Developmental Perspective. Chapter Summary. 6. Learning Context and Learning Opportunities. Length of Residence as a Factor in Pragmatic Development: The Longer the Better?. Input and Interaction in Non-instructional Settings. Input in Instructional Settings. Comparing L2 Pragmatic Learning in Foreign and Second Language Settings. Chapter Summary. 7. The Role of Instruction in Learning Second Language Pragmatics. Research on Instructed Second Language Acquisition. Learning Targets. Learner Characteristics and Learning Contexts. Teachability. Instruction versus Exposure. Different Teaching Approaches. Theories and Research Methods. Chapter Summary. 8. Individual Differences in the Acquisition of Second Language Pragmatics. Age. Gender. Motivation. Teachability. Social and Psychological Distance. Beyond Individual Differences: Social Identity in Learning L2 Pragmatics. Chapter Summary. 9. Prospects


Gabriele Kasper (Dr. phil.) is Professor of Second Language Studies at the University of Hawai'i, where she teaches in the M.A. in ESL, Ph.D. in SLA, and Advanced Graduate Certificate in Second Language Studies programs. Her most recent books are Misunderstanding in Social Life: Discourse Approaches to Problematic Talk, co-edited with Juliane House and Steven Ross (2003) and Pragmatics in Language Teaching, co-edited with Ken Rose (2001). Other books include Communication Strategies (Kasper & Kellerman, Eds., 1997), Interlanguage Pragmatics (Kasper & Blum-Kulka, Eds., 1993), and Cross-cultural Pragmatics (Blum-Kulka, House, & Kasper, Eds., 1989). Kenneth R. Rose holds a Ph.D. in applied linguistics from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He is an Associate Professor in the Department of English and Communication at City University of Hong Kong, where he teaches in the BATESL and MATESL programs, and supervises M.Phil. and Ph.D. students. Before coming to Hong Kong, he taught at universities in Japan and the United States. His main research interests are interlanguage pragmatics and research methods. He has co-edited one book, Pragmatics in Language Teaching (Rose & Kasper, Eds., 2001), and his work has appeared in journals such as Applied Linguistics; IRAL; JALT Journal; Journal of Pragmatics; Language, Culture and Curriculum; Language Learning; and Studies in Second Language Acquisition, as well as in a number of edited volumes.


"This is a comprehensive and scholarly overview of the current state of research into IL pragmatic development. The structure of the book, with regular summaries, makes it easy to read and to consult. The way that existing research studies are reviewed, compared and critiqued, along with the suggestions for more interdisciplinary links and the identification of important research gaps is helpful and stimulating." Katie Gray, Department of Continuing Education, Oxford University - Language Awareness
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