Social Theory: Central Issues in Sociology

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Januar 2006



"John Scott has provided us with an encyclopaedic tour through the foundations and development of social theory which cautions against the contemporary fragmentation of academic work and demonstrates the continued value of sociology's heritage. The book will become a key resource for students and scholars alike." - Barry Smart, Portsmouth University
This is a comprehensive, critical review of social theory that places leading contributions in their larger context. Written predominantly for students, the scope and range of the subjects and authors dealt with results in one of the most comprehensive introductions to social theory published to date. Ranging from the philosophical foundations of sociology and the discovery of 'the social' to distinctive sociological approaches, to the significance of issues pertaining to gender and patriarchy, to questions of modernity and post-modernity, the book is comprehensive in subject matter. Among the distinctive features of the book are:
  • Clarity of exposition from a well-known and respected commentator in the field
  • Focus boxes to facilitate comprehension
  • Tremendous range of material
  • Powerful organization of the material around key organizing principles
The book is a major accomplishment which will quickly establish itself as the key set text in Sociology and Social Theory courses.


Social Theory: Should We Forget the Founders?
Genealogy of the Social
Renaissance and Enlightenment
Britain: Individualism and Romanticism
France: Revolution and Science
Germany: Counter-Enlightenment and Reaction
The Social Established
Social Theory goes Global
Culture, System and Socialisation: Formative Views
Culture and Collective Mentality
Cultural Development and Differentiation
Social Systems as Organisms
Social Systems, Forces, and Engery
Socialisation and Enculturation
Action, Conflict and Nature: Formative Views
Action, Interaction, and the Interpersonal
Conflict and Collective Action
Nature, Environment and Bodies
Culture, System, and Socialisation: Developments
Culture, Social Structure, and Lifeworlds
General Systems, Functions, and Complexity
Socialisation, Self, and Mentality
Action, Conflict, and Nature: Developments
Environment and Space
Body and Embodiment
Action, Strategy, and Performance
Conflict, Change, and History
Modernity and Rationalisation
Modernity as Rationalisation
Rationalisation and Political Structures
Economic Rationalisation
Rationalisation and Societal Communities
The Inevitability of Modernity
Intimations of Post-Modernity
Aesthetic Modernism and Post-Modernism
Late Capitalism, Disorganisation, and the Consumer Society
Knowledge Society and the Post-Modern Sensibility
Reflexivity, Individualisation, and Risk
Transnational Networks and Global Flows


John Scott is a Visiting Professor at the Universities of Essex, Exeter, and Copenhagen. He was formerly Professor of Sociology and Pro Vice-Chancellor for Research at Plymouth University and before that was Professor of Sociology at Essex University and Leicester University. He is a Fellow of the British Academy, a Fellow of the Academy of learned Societies in the Social Sciences, and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. An active member of the British Sociological Association, he has held the posts of Secretary, Treasurer, Chairperson, and President. His most recent publications are Conceptualising the Social World (Cambridge University Press, 2011), The Sage Handbook of Social Network Analysis (edited with Peter Carrington, Sage Publications, 2011), and Sociology (with James Fulcher, Oxfords University Press, 2011). His current work on the history of British sociology will appears as Envisioning Sociology. Victor Branford, Patrick Geddes, and the Quest for Social Reconstruction (with Ray Bromley, SUNY Press, 2013).


"This will be a major resource for anyone interested in the theoretical dimensions of social policy.  The theorists whose work is described have almost invariably had an effect on the real world of policy and politics, and anyone concerned with social policy issues should be familiar with their ideas.  The book's encyclopedic scope is a major strength, as is the author's ability to condense this material into an interesting and readable format.  It makes a major contribution to the literature and should be widely consulted."
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