Neutron and X-ray Spectroscopy

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- Up-to-date account of the principles and practice of inelastic and spectroscopic methods available at neutron and synchrotron sources - Multi-technique approach set around a central theme, rather than a monograph on one technique - Emphasis on the complementarity of neutron spectroscopy and X-ray spectroscopy which are usually treated in separate books


Fundamentals of X-ray absorption and dichroism: the multiplet approach by F. de Groot and J. Vogel Multiple scattering theory applied to X-ray absorption near-edge structure by P. Sainctavit, V. Briois and D. Cabaret X-ray magnetic circular dichroism by F. Baudelet Extended X-ray absorption fine structure by B. Lengeler Inelastic X-ray scattering from collective atom dynamics by F. Sette and M. Krisch Photoelectron spectroscopy by M. Grioni Anomalous scattering and diffraction anomalous fine structure by J.L. Hodeau and H. Renevier Soft X-ray photoelectron emission microscopy (X-PEEM) by C.M. Schneider X-ray intensity fluctuation spectroscopy by M. Sutton Vibrational spectroscopy at surfaces and interfaces using synchrotron sources and free electron lasers by A. Tadjeddine and P. Dumas Neutron spectroscopy Inelastic neutron scattering: introduction by R. Scherm and B. Fåk Three-axis inelastic neutron scattering by R. Currat Neutron spin echo spectroscopy by R. Cywinski Time of flight inelastic scattering by R. Eccleston Neutron backscattering spectroscopy by B. Frick Neutron inelastic scattering and molecular modelling by M.R. Johnson, G.J. Kearley and H.P. Trommsdorff Index


From the reviews:
"The text outlines the basic science behind each method, giving the new user a good introduction to the area. ... Overall, this text is a useful addition covering the theory and application of neutron and X-ray spectroscopy to a wide range of scientific areas. It is clearly written ... . It will prove valuable for PhD and postdoctoral students. Each chapter is well referenced to current literature and gives the reader ample opportunity to expand on the introductions given in the book." (Dr. Stephen Skinner, Materials World, January, 2008)
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