Beginning Excel What-If Data Analysis Tools: Getting Started with Goal Seek, Data Tables, Scenarios, and Solver

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* The only book on the market dedicated to the What-If functions and tools built into Excel, which are key to many business analysis scenarios.
* Focused and to the point - where other Excel books force the reader to wade through 100's of pages of related information and commit hours of reading, this book gets straight to the topic of teaching the reader about What-If scenario tools in Excel.
* Offers the deepest tutorial treatment of the Solver add-in, the Goal Seeker and the other What-If scenario analysis tools, in a practical, hands-on exercises approach to using Excel to get business results.


  1. Goal Seek
  2. Data Tables
  3. Scenarios
  4. Solver
  5. Case Study: Using Excel What-If Tools


Paul Cornell is the author of successful books showing intermediate to advanced Excel users the finer points of Excel. His books include the successful Apress A Complete Guide to Pivot Tables (Apress, ISBN: 1-59059-432-0) and Accessing and Analyzing Data with Microsoft Excel (Microsoft Press, ISBN: 0-73561-895-X).
Paul works at Microsoft as a manager of the documentation teams for Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for the Microsoft Office System and Microsoft Visual Studio core features. He has also served as an editor and writer on several developer-oriented documentation projects for the MSDN Office Developer Center and Microsoft Office Online.

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