Pro Java EE 5 Performance Management and Optimization

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First book to address and assess performance of enterprise Java-based applications using the new Java EE 5
Presents Java EE 5 Performance Management as a proven methodology, featuring a set of common problems that have been observed in real-world customer environments
Presents "wait-based" performance tuning methodology, the most efficient Java EE 5 tuning methodology, but one previously neglected in the Java EE 5 space


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Steven Haines - Steven Haines is the author of three Java books: The Java Reference Guide (InformIT/Pearson 2005), Java 2 Primer Plus (SAMS 2002), and Java 2 From Scratch (QUE, 1999). In addition to contributing chapters and co-authoring other books, as well as technical editing countless software publications, he is also the Java Host on InformIT.com. As an educator he has taught all aspects of Java at Learning Tree University as well as at the University of California, Irvine. By day he works as a Java EE 5 Performance Architect at Quest Software defining performance tuning and monitoring software as well as managing and performing Java EE 5 performance tuning engagements for large-scale Java EE 5 deployments, including several fortune 500 companies.

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