Introduction to English Sentence Structure

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An Introduction to English Sentence Structure puts the study of English sentences into the meaningful perspective provided by the broad essentials of functionalism.


Preface Chapter 1. Language and Events in Experience Chapter 2. Clauses: Processes Chapter 3. Clauses: Participants and Circumstances Chapter 4. Word Groups and Phrases Chapter 5. Verb Groups Chapter 6. The Power of Beginnings Chapter 7. Noun Groups Chapter 8. Embedded Wh- Clauses Chapter 9. NonWh- Subordinate Clauses Chapter 10. NonWh- Complementation, Apposition, Discontinuity: Nonfinite Wh-Clauses Appendix A: Suggested Responses Appendix B: Frequently Used Charts and Lists Glossary


Jon Jonz is Professor Emeritus of English in the Department of Literature and Languages at Texas A&M University-Commerce, where he taught General Linguistics, Modern Grammar, Structure of English, Language Acquisition and Processing and Psycholinguistics. He is the author of studies in language testing, first- and second-language discourse features, bilingualism, text cohesion and basic writing. His work in language testing won the international TESOL Distinguished Research Award. He was the longtime editor of the Southwest Journal of Linguistics and, with John W. Oller, Jr. is the coauthor and coeditor of Cloze and Coherence.
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