TPM for Every Operator

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April 1996



Delivering the information that needs to be communicated to operators when facilitating a company-wide TPM initiative, this text covers the main aspects of TPM, introducing workers to this manufacturing strategy that encourages them to participate in and even initiate routine maintenance.


Publisher's Message Preface Contribution Chapter 1: Our TPM Chapter 2: Using Machines Efficiently Chapter 3: Eliminating Breakdowns Chapter 4: Autonomous Maintenance Chapter 5: Team Activities Chapter 6: TPM and Safety Further Reading About the Editor


Our TPM implementation team has been looking for an operator-friendly TPM manual that is easily understood and can be used by that team as a reference as they become increasingly effective in their operation. We plan to use TPM for Every Operator as that manual. -Noel Lasure, Master Facilitator, Stemco, June 2004
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