Parris's Standard Form of Building Contract: Jct 98

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Februar 2002



This book on the main form of building contract, JCT 98, has always occupied a unique position as being both an authoritative, yet readable, guide to the contract provisions, and the legal background to the form. The new edition includes substantial new case law and the many amendments to the contract issued since the book was last published.


Background to the contract, documents and some key provisions; The role of the architect and quantity surveyor; The contractora s obligations; Sub--contractors, suppliers and statutory undertakers; Certificates, payments and retention; Variations and their valuation; Liquidated damages and extension of time; Insurance provisions; Determination before completion; Claims and counterclaims; Dispute resolution; Practical completion, defects liability period, the final account; Table of cases; Clause index; Subject index.


"Look, if you are taking part, or even thinking of taking part, in a JCT98 adventure, buy the book, but dona t put it on the shelf. Read it! And if you dona t read the rules, I look forward to seeing you in court" Tony Bingham, Building, February 2002 "this is the sort of book which construction professionals and building lawyers should have ready access to since it is easy to use, well laid out and with a good index including useful cross referencing of the principal clauses"Construction Industry Law Letter, March 2002 "This is a practical guide...based on a wealth of architectural and legal experience. Parris is a valuable addition to any construction law library". Peter Scott Caldwell, Arbitration, February 2003
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