Pharmacists Talking with Patients: A Guide to Patient Counseling

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Pharmacists Talking with Patients, Second Edition is a complete introduction to patient counseling for pharmacy students and practicing pharmacists. In an easy-to-understand style that's a pleasure to read, the author outlines various ways of incorporating effective patient counseling into pharmacy practice and gives specific recommendations for developing strong counseling techniques. Appendices contain suggested patient counseling dialogues and sample forms.
This edition includes new cartoons and photographs to make learning fun, case studies, summary tables, and reflective critical thinking questions. New and expanded topics include the therapeutic alliance between health professionals and patients, collaborative working relationships between pharmacists and physicians, and cultural and literacy issues.


Introduction Role of Patient Counseling in Pharmacy The Definition and Goals of Patient Counseling in Pharmacy Understanding Patients' Needs, Wishes and Preferences Helping Patients with Adherence and Decision-Making The Counseling Session Information Provision and Educational Methods and Resources Human Interactions and Counseling Skills in Pharmacy Tailoring Counseling to Meet Individual Patient Needs and Overcome Challenges Developing Optimal Counseling Involvement Appendix A: Suggested Patient Counseling Dialogues Appendix B: Forms to Assist in Information Gathering
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