Pediatric Critical Care Medicine

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Presenting comprehensive and well-integrated coverage of physiology, pathophysiology, and clinical problems, Pediatric Critical Care Medicine is a core textbook and clinical reference for pediatric intensivists at all levels of training. It offers thorough preparation for subspecialty certification and recertification examinations and provides a ready reference for specific problems in the clinical setting.An extensive section on organ system physiology and pathophysiology provides the foundation for physiologically based clinical decision-making. Subsequent sections address clinical disorders of each organ system encountered in the pediatric ICU. The clinical chapters are concise and designed for rapid reference. Numerous illustrations and tables complement the text.


PHYSIOLOGY AND PATHOPHYSIOLOGY The Cell Endocrinology and Metabolism Immunology Inflammation Infectious Diseases (Foundations of Infectious Diseases in the PICU / The Microbial Agents / The Clinician and the Clinical Microbiology Laboratory / The Antimicrobial Agents) Hematology and Oncology Cardiomyocyte Function Cardiac Performance Electrophysiology Cardiopulmonary Interactions Pathophysiology of Chronic Myocardial Dysfunction Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Airway Structures and Functions Embryologic and Postnatal Airway and Lung Development Defense Mechanisms of the Pulmonary Tree Movement of Fluids and Solutes and Blood Flow Within the Lung Alveolar Function Pulmonary Gas Exchange Respiratory System Physiology Mechanical Breathing Cardiorespiratory Interactions Acute Lung Injury Neurosciences Nephrology Gastroenterology Shock and Shock Syndromes CLINICAL DISORDERS Endocrine Disorders: Endocrine Disorders of Water Regulation / Diabetic Ketoacidosis / Thyroid Disorders / Adrenal Disorders / Disorders of Micronutrients / Inborn Errors of Metabolism Disorders of Host Defense: Immune Complications of Transplantation / Immunosuppression Induced by Therapeutic Agents / Allergic, Vasculitic, and Rheumatologic Illnesses / Immunodeficiency Syndromes in Children / Pediatric AIDS in the PICU / Healthcare-Associated Infections / Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (SIRS) Hematologic and Oncologic Disorders: Sickle Cell Disease / Thrombotic and Fibrinolytic Disorders / Coagulation Disorders / Oncologic Emergencies / Therapeutic Apheresis / Bone Marrow Transplantation Cardiac Diseases: Principles of Postoperative Care / Congenital Heart Disease / Myocardial Disease / Pericardial and Endocardial Disease / Dysrhythmias / Pacemakers / Vasoactive Agents Respiratory Disorders: Pulmonary Diagnostic Procedures / Asthma / Disorders of the Lung Parenchyma / Pulmonary Hypertension / Disorders of the Chest Wall and Respiratory Muscles / Gases and Drugs Used in Support of the Respiratory System / Mechanical Ventilation / Extracorporeal Techniques Neurologic Disorders: Global/Regional Ischemia / Disorders of Muscle / Neurologic Emergencies / Altered Mental Status / Central Nervous System Infections / Status Epilepticus / Brain Death / Brain and Spinal Cord Trauma / Sedation for Procedures and Mechanical Ventilation in Children with Critical Illness Renal Disorders: Fluid Management and Electrolyte Disturbances / Maintenance and Support of Kidney Function in Critical Illness / Acute Renal Failure / Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome / Renal Replacement Therapy / Renal Pharmacology Gastrointestinal Disorders: Gastrointestinal Bleeding / Reflux / Gastrointestinal Trauma / Hepatic Failure / Gastrointestinal Failure / Nutritional Support in Critical Illness / Acute Pancreatitis
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