The Turing Test

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April 2003



The Turing Test gives the most comprehensive, in depth and contemporary assessment of this classic topic in artificial intelligence. This is the first book to elaborate in such detail the numerous conflicting points of view on many aspects of this multifaceted, controversial subject. It offers new insights into Turing's own interpretation and traces the history of the debate about the merits of the Turing test in more detail than anywhere else. Turing's famous predictions (1950) are assessed fifty years after they were made. The book also gives competing views about how the Turing test should be interpreted, and novel contemporary criticisms of the test. Justifications for the test and its future applications are suggested and alternatives to the Turing test are examined in detail. Recent results of the Loebner competition are analyzed. This highly readable volume is essential reading for research on the Turing test and for teaching undergraduate and graduate students in philosophy, computer science, and cognitive science.


Origins of the Articles. Preface. 1: History. The Turing Test; B. J. Copeland. Turing Test: 50 Years Later; A.P. Saygin, I. Cicekli, V. Akman. 2: Interpretation. Turing's Two Tests for Intelligence; S.G. Sterrett. Making the Right Identification in the Turing Test; S. Traiger. Turing's Rules for the Imitation Game; G. Piccinini. 3: Criticism. Passing Loebner's Turing Test: A Case of Conflicting Discourse Functions; S. Zdenek. The Constructibility of Artificial Intelligence (as Defined by the Turing Test); B. Edmonds. Intelligence is not Enough: On the Socialization of Talking Machines; E.M.A. Ronald. 4: Defense. How to Pass a Turing Test; W.J. Rapaport. Look Who's Moving the Goal Posts Now; L. Hauser. The Status and Future of the Turing Test; J.H. Moor. 5: Alternatives. Creativity, the Turing Test, and the (Better) Lovelace Test; S. Bringsjord, P. Bello, D. Ferrucci. The Cartesian Test for Automatism; G.J. Erion. Minds, Machines and Turing; S. Harnad.
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