The Lean Office

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This compilation of articles previously published in "Lean Manufacturing Advisor," the Productivity Press newsletter, discusses lean implementations in non-manufacturing operations, from design to processing invoices to customer service, written in a conversational, easy-to-read style.


Part I: Focusing on the Customer 1. New Toyota Center Seeking To Make Sales & Marketing Lean 2. Transforming a Service Firm 3. Revamping Design Process Increases Speed and Quality 4. Call Center's Transformation Produces Award for Service 5. New Restaurant Owner Sees His Future in a Lean Lunch Part II: Improving Flow 6. Ambulance Office Responds To Calls for Improvements 7. Whether Office or Factory, The Same Principles Apply 8. Neither Culture Nor Equipment Stops Postal Transformation 9. Builders Seek to Demolish Inefficiency Part III: Taking the Right Steps 10. First Steps to Making Your Office Lean 11. 5S Techniques Can Clean Up The Hard Drive of a Computer 12. Simple, Early Wins Help Build Support for Office Lean Efforts 13. Tips for White Collar Kaizens 14. Invoicing and Receiving Receive the Kaizen Treatment 15. Delphi Lean Strategy Evolves To Go Beyond the Shop Floor 16. Improving Flow in an Office Setting 17. Spreadsheets & Data are Tools In Quest for the Lean Office 18. Publisher Makes Key Concepts A Daily Part of Its Newspapers Citations Index
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