Dirty Dealing

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April 2006



Highly organised gangs, from the Italian Mafia to the Japanese Yakuza, infiltrate every corner of the globe: and money laundering is at the heart of their business. Dirty Dealing exposes the awesome scale and scope of global money laundering and its filtration into the world's legitimate business structures. Leading expert Peter Lilley reveals how the money is obtained, how it is "washed", and how organizations can detect and prevent money laundering. Highly topical, this fully revised and updated edition provides thorough examination on the funding of terrorism. Packed with incredible stories, shocking facts and telling detail, Dirty Dealing brings home the global scale of crime. Invaluable appendixes provide a country-by-country guide to specific local issues, types of crime and legislation, and a directory of websites offering further information on money laundering and related issues.


A note to the third edition vii
Preface: my beautiful launderette ix
1. In the beginning… 1
2. The nth largest global business activity 28
3. The nearest thing to alchemy 47
4. Lost in the wash: the business of money laundering 64
5. Complete anonymity 88
6. Washed in space: cyber laundering in the 21st century 108
7. Terror Finance Inc. 127
8. Whiter than white: the official response 159
9. Coming clean: preventative strategies for business 182
10. The final spin 193
Appendix I: web directory 201
Appendix II: glossary of terms 205
References and further reading 212
Index 215


Peter Lilley


“Reveals how highly sophisticated criminal organizations and terrorist groups are undermining the economies and governments of countries.” Advance Magazine “A must for anyone that carries out transactions over the web.” www.risk-uk.com “Though it may seem like an excellent ‘how to’ guide for the criminal fraternity, Dirty Dealing is a very interesting read and the widespread risk of money laundering activites makes it a must have for any legitimate business.” Accounting Technician “Explores the effect, influence, and ramifications of money laundering on global business activities and the world’s economies and infrastructure.” Journal of Economic Literature “Exposes the awesome scale and scope of global money laundering and its infiltration into the worlds legitimate business structures.” Abstracts of Public Administration, Development and the Environment
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Untertitel: The Untold Truth about Global Money Laundering, International Crime and Terrorism (Revised and Updated). Paperback. Sprache: Englisch.
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