Light Absorption in Sea Water

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This book provides a detailed description of light absorption and absorbents in seawaters with respect to provenance, region of the sea, depth of the occurrence and trophicity. The text is based on a substantial body of contemporary research results taken from the subject literature (over 400 references) and the work of the authors over a period of 30 years.


Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. Light Absorption by Water Molecules and Inorganic Substances Dissolved in Sea Water 2.1 The Absorption of Light by Water Molecules 2.2 The Absorption of Light by Atoms, Sea-salt Ions, and Other Inorganic substances dissolved in sea water
Chapter 3. The Impact of Light on Organic Molecules: Physical Principles 3.1 The Characteristic Absorption Properties of Simple Chromophores in Organic Molecules (=> in Preparation) 3.2 The Absorption Properties of Complex Organic Molecules with Conjugated p-electrons 3.3 The Influence of Auxochromic Groups and Complexes on the Optical Properties of Organic Compounds in the Sea
Chapter 4. The Absorption of Light by Dissolved Organic Matter (DOM) in Sea Water 4.1 The Classification, Origin, and General Characteristics of Light Absorption by the Principal Groups of Organic Absorbers in Sea Water 4.2 Analysis of the Conditions Governing UV-VIS Absorption by the Principal Organic Absorbers in the Sea
Chapter 5. The Absorption of Light by Marine Suspended Particles - a General Description 5.1 Quantum-mechanical-electrodynamic Description of Light Absorption in Polydispersive Media; Elements of Mie Theory 5.2 => in preparation
Chapter 6. Absorption of Light by Phytoplankton in the Sea 6.1 Abiotic Factors Governing the Absorption of Light by Phytoplankton in the Sea 6.2 Phytoplankton Pigments and Their Electronic Absorption Spectra in the Visible Region 6.3 Resources of Phytoplankton and Concentrations of Chlorophyll a in Oceans and Seas 6.4 The Composition of Chlorophyll a and Necessary Pigments in Marine Algae 6.5 The Pigment Packing Effect in Phytoplankton Cells in the Ocean 6.6 The Overall Absorption of Light by Marine Algae: the Results of Empirical Studies 6.7 Model Description of the Absorption Properties of MarinePhytoplankton - a Review
Chapter 7. Absorption of Light by Non-algal Particles
Chapter 8. References


The authors are both professors at the Institute of Oceanology of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

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