The Standard & Poor's Guide to Building Wealth with Dividend Stocks

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Improve your investment returns with expert advice from the world's leading financial information organization
Investors are rediscovering the profitable advantages of dividend-paying stocks, due to the "bird in the hand" nature of regular dividend payments, dramatically reduced historical volatility, and the current reduction in the federal dividend tax rate. "The Standard & Poor's Guide to Building Wealth with Dividend Stocks" tackles all the key issues for adding the stability and performance of dividend stocks to your portfolio, providing hands-on techniques for identifying the best dividend-paying stocks and companies, using dividend tax law changes to improve returns, and implementing innovative dividend stock strategies.


Joseph R. Tigue is retired managing editor of Standard & Poor's financial newsletter The Outlook and a leading authority on the strategies and benefits of dividend investing. Author of The Standard & Poor's Guide to Long-Term Investing and coauthor of The Dividend-Rich Investor, his comments and insights have been featured in BusinessWeek and other financial publications as well as on various TV programs
Standard & Poor's is the world's foremost provider of independent credit ratings, indices, risk evaluation, investment research, data and valuations. An essential part of the world's financial infrastructure, Standard & Poor's has played a leading role for more than 140 years in providing investors with the independent benchmarks they need to feel more confident about their investment and financial decisions.

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