Disorder and Progress

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Oktober 1992



This reissue of Professor Vanderwood's groundbreaking study-available again for the first time in a decade-examines bandits, police, and Mexican politics as a whole, showing how different groups used the agents of order and disorder to serve their interests. Originally published in 1981, Disorder and Progress was revised and updated in 1992. Added to the enlarged 1992 edition and included here in this reissue are the entirely new introduction, material on the period of the independence wars and on Pancho Villa, and an updated bibliography.


Chapter 1 Introdouction: Badits, Real and Imagined Part 2 I The Balance of Order and Disorder Chapter 3 Ambitious Bandits: Disorder Equals Progress Chapter 4 The Aura of the King Chapter 5 The Spoils of Indpendence Chapter 6 Bent on Being Modern Chapter 7 Bandits into Police -and Vice Versa Part 8 II Toward the Western Model Chapter 9 Order, Disorder, and Development Chapter 10 The Limits to Dictatorship Chapter 11 A Kind of Peace Part 12 III A Political Police Performance Chapter 13 Constabulary of Campesinos and Artisans Chapter 14 The President's Police Chapter 15 It's the Image That Counts Part 16 IV Demons of Revolution Unleashed Chapter 17 The Rollercoaster Called Capitalism Chapter 18 Unraveling the Old Regime Chapter 19 Disorder in Search of Order


Paul Vanderwood is professor of Mexican history at San Diego State University.


The first edition represented a major breakthrough in Mexican historiography; the revised and enlarged edition now presents a thoughtful brilliance of a historian at the height of his reflective powers. This book will delight the scholar and fascinate the general reader. -- Colin MacLachlan, Tulane University Already a standard for students of banditry and police in modernizing societies... The book's vibrant, humanistic narratives make it a natural for classroom use. Vanderwood's new introduction will be required reading. -- Gilbert M. Joseph, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill Will be of interest not only to students of Mexican history but also to those concerned with the development of national police forces and their roles in political life. American Historical Review
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Untertitel: Bandits, Police, and Mexican Development. notes, index, bibliography. Sprache: Englisch.
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