Confronting Change, Challenging Tradition: Woman in Latin American History

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August 1997



Understanding the role of women in Latin American history demands a full examination of their activities in the region's political, economic, and domestic spheres. Toward this end, historian Gertrude M. Yeager has assembled the multidisciplinary collection Confronting Change, Challenging Tradition. The essays in this volume explore the ways in which Latin American women have shaped-and have been shaped by-the traditional practices and ideologies of their cultures. The selections are arranged in two sections: Culture and the Status of Women, and Reconstructing the Past.


A fascinating collection of readings on culture, history, and gender. Playing on the complex relationship between perceptions of women and women's perceptions, Yeager draws from a wide variety of materials to help us understand female roles in nineteenth- and twentieth-century Latin America. -- Susan M. Socolow, Emory University
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