Propriety and Permissiveness in Bourbon Mexico

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September 1999



The eighteenth century in New Spain witnessed major changes: among these, one of the most significant was the adoption of French customs among the upper groups of society in response to the spreading ideas of the Enlightenment. These new ideas, it has been assumed, brought a relaxation of social customs. But Viqueira Alban takes this assumption, and raises the question: Was it really a period of relaxation of social customs, in this age of 'growth without development?' He discovered that the movement of rural workers and their families to urban centers created a concern within the church and government hierarchy about the threat of disorder, leading to the need for new social restraints. This text is ideal for colonial Latin American survey courses, courses on the history of Mexico and Latin American literature, and courses on the popular culture and social history of Latin America.


Chapter 1 Introduction: The Decline of Propriety Chapter 2 From the Don Juans to the Patriots Chapter 3 Progress or the Theater Chapter 4 Disorder or Street Diversions Chapter 5 The New Order, or Pelota


Sonya Lipsett-Rivera is associate professor of history at Carleton University. Sergio Rivera-Ayala is an instructor in the School of Extension of the Universidad Autonoma de Mexico in Canada.


Propriety and Permissiveness' power to instruct as well as entertain has been preserved in this limpid, accessible English translation. -- William B. Taylor, University of California, Berkeley A fascinating examination of social customs. CHOICE
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