Centenary Essays on Alfred Marshall

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September 2005



Twelve essays commemorating the life, work and legacy of Alfred Marshall, author of the seminal Principles of Economics.


Introduction; List of abbreviated titles; 1. The place of Marshall's Principles in the development of economics George J. Stigler; 2. Marshall and the labour market Robin C. O. Matthews; 3. Alfred Marshall and the development of monetary economics David E. W. Laidler; 4. Marshall and international trade John Creedy; 5. Firms, markets, and the principles of continuity Brian J. Loasby; 6. Marshall's work in relation to classical economics Denis P. O'Brien; 7. Cambridge after Marshall David A. Collard; 8. What happened to the second volume of the Principles? The thorny path to Marshall's last books John K. Whitaker; 9. Alfred Marshall and the theory of capital Christopher Bliss; 10. An aspect of Marshall's perios analysis A. K. Dasgupta; 11. The great barter controversy Peter Newman; 12. Marshall's consumer's surplus in modern perspective John S. Chipman; Index.


"This is an admirable collection of essays...an important contribution to understanding many significant aspects of this most eminent economist..." James P. Henderson, History of Political Economy "Whitaker thoroughly knows the manuscript material and brings Marshall to life as a human being." Gerard M. Koot, Albion
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