Formal Specification and Design

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September 2005



Formal specification is a method for precisely modelling computer-based systems that combines concepts from software engineering and mathematical logic. In this book the authors describe algebraic and state-based specification techniques from the unified view of the Common Object-oriented Language for Design, COLD. The kernel language is explained in detail, with many examples. Fundamental and advanced methods are also presented. Appendices contain full details of the language's syntax and a specification library. Techniques for software development and design are emphasised throughout, so the book will be an excellent choice for courses in these areas.


Part I. Algebraic Specification: 1. Introducing the basic concepts; 2. Setting up algebraic specifications; 3. Structuring algebraic specifications; 4. Implementing algebraic specifications; Part II. State-Based Specification: 5. From algebras to states; 6. Setting up state-based specification; 7. Structuring state-based specification; 8. Implementing state-based specification; Part III. Advanced Techniques: 9. Theoretical topics; 10. Additional language constructs; 11. Towards large systems; Bibliography; Appendices; Index.


..".well-written...a good introduction to formal specification concepts. It is very readable and elegant. It may be used in an almost notation-independent way, not just by those who are interested in the COLD-K notation." H.I. Kilov, Computing Reviews
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