Jane Austen on Screen

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November 2009



This collection of essays explores the literary and cinematic implications of translating Austen's prose into film.


Jane Austen on screen: a filmography; 1. Short 'takes' on Austen: Summarising the controversy between literary pursuits and film enthusiasts: Sense and Sensibility: Ang Lee's sensitive screen interpretation of Jane Austen Gaylene Preston; A few sceptical thoughts on Jane Austen and film Roger Gard; Commodifying Austen: the Janeite culture of the internet and commercialisation through product and television spinoffs Kate Bowles; 2. Janeite culture: what does the name 'Jane Austen' authorise? Harriet Margolis; 3. 'Such a transformation!': translation, imitation, and intertextuality in Jane Austen on screen Jocelyn Harris; 4. Two Mansfield Parks purist and postmodern Jan Fergus; 5. Sense and Sensibility in a post-feminist world: sisterhood is still powerful Penny Gay; 6. Regency romance shadowing in the visual motifs of Roger Mitchell's Persuasion Paulette Richards; 7. Filming romance: Persuasion Tara G. Wallace; 8. Emma, interrupted: speaking Jane Austen in fiction and film Hilary Schor; 9. Reimagining Jane Austen: the 1940 and 1995 versions of Pride and Prejudice Ellen Belton; 10. Emma and the art of adaptation David Monaghan; 11. Clues for the clueless John Mosier; Questions for discussion; Bibliography.


Gina Macdonald teaches at Nicholls State University in Thibodaux, Louisiana. Her books include James Clavell (1996) and Robert Ludlum (1997). Andrew Macdonald teaches at Loyola University in New Orleans. He is the author of Howard Fast (1997).


"Raises a number of issues that are pertinent to the many debates that center around the translation of nineteenth-century fiction into film more generally...excellent essays..." Kate Flint, Studies in English Literature "Jane Austen on Screen might have accomplished the difficult task of juggling film, literature, and feminism with greater success." The Women's Review of Books
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