Communicating Social Support

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We often turn to our friends, family, spouses, and partners for help in coping with daily stress or major crises. Daena Goldsmith provides a communication-based approach for understanding why some conversations about problems are more helpful than others. In contrast to other research on the social support processes, Goldsmith focuses on interpersonal communication--what people say and how they say it, as well as their reactions to the conversations. Her studies cover adults of all ages and various kinds of stresses, ranging from everyday hassles to serious illnesses and other major crises.


Introduction; 1. Puzzles in the study of enacted social support; 2. Conceptualizing enacted social support; 3. Communicating advice; 4. Re-examining matching models of social support; 5. Problematizing provider/recipient roles in troubles talk; 6. Conclusion and implications; Appendix; Notes; References.


Daena J. Goldsmith (Ph.D.) is Associate Professor of Speech Communication at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Her teaching and research span a variety of topics, including social support, communication theory, gender issues, and personal relationships. She is widely published in national and international journals in the areas of communication and personal relationships.

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