Compact Stellar X-Ray Sources

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A 2006 reference work on astrophysical compact objects that emit X-rays, for graduate students and researchers.


1. Accreting neutron stars and black holes: a decade of discoveries D. Psaltis; 2. Rapid X-ray variability M. van der Klis; 3. New views of thermonuclear bursts T. Strohmayer and L. Bildsten; 4. Black hole binaries J. McClintock and R. Remillard; 5. Optical, ultraviolet and infrared observations of X-ray binaries P. Charles and M. Coe; 6. Fast X-ray transients and X-ray flashes J. Heise and J. in 't Zand; 7. Isolated neutron stars V. Kaspi, M. Roberts and A. Harding; 8. Globular cluster X-ray sources F. Verbunt and W. Lewin; 9. Jets from X-ray binaries R. Fender; 10. X-Rays from cataclysmic variables E. Kuulkers, A. Norton, A. Schwope and B. Warner; 11. Super soft sources P. Kahabka and E. van den Heuvel; 12. Compact stellar X-ray sources in normal galaxies G. Fabbiano and N. White; 13. Accretion in compact binaries A. King; 14. Soft gamma repeaters and anomalous X-ray pulsars: magnetar candidates P. Woods and C. Thompson; 15. Cosmic gamma-ray bursts, their afterglows, and their host galaxies K. Hurley, R. Sari and S. Djorgovski; 16. Formation and evolution of compact stellar X-ray sources T. Tauris and E. van den Heuvel.


Walter Lewin is Professor of Physics at MIT. He has received numerous prizes for both his teaching and research. Michiel van der Klis is Professor of Astronomy at Universiteit van Amsterdam and winner of the NWO Spinoza prize 2004 for his pioneering research into X-ray radiation from binary stars.


Review of the hardback: From reviews of X-ray Binaries, edited by Walter H. G. Lewin, Jan van Paradijs and Edward P. J. van den Heuvel: '... packed with information, and so beautifully presented by CUP ... a must for your bookshelf and every astronomical library. I have already made this book required reading for my graduate students.' Phil Charles, The Observatory Review of the hardback: '... a very good, detailed and comprehensive written review on X-ray binaries.' Reviews of Astronomical Tools Review of the hardback: '... the topics are well chosen and fairly distinct, providing an extremely useful summary of current research ... If the space agencies are wondering why they shoud be planning now to replace XMM-Newton, Chandra, and RXTE, they should read this book. ... a good buy for libraries and essential background reading for students and their supervisors.' The Observatory
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