Knowledge and Inquiry: Essays on the Pragmatism of Isaac Levi

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Isaac Levi, currently John Dewey Professor of Philosophy at Columbia University, has explored the principles of American pragmatism in greater depth and more consistency than others before him. The result is a sophisticated and powerful philosophical system whose key elements stand in stark opposition not only to current mainstream epistemology, but also to the positions of other contemporary authors writing in the same pragmatist tradition. The essays in this timely volume, written by some of philosophys finest scholars, contribute substantially to the understanding and appraisal of Levis work.


Introduction Erik J. Olsson; 1. Isaac Levi and his pragmatist lineage Cheryl Misak; 2. Is pragmatist truth irrelevant to inquiry? Andre Fuhrmann; 3. The knowledge business Philip Kitcher; 4. Infallibility and incorrigibility Bengt Hansson; 5. Why inconsistency is not hell: making room for inconsistency in science Otavio Bueno; 6. Levi on risk Nils-Eric Sahlin; 7. Vexed convexity Henry E. Kyburg; 8. Levi's chances D. H. Mellor; 9. Isaac Levi's potentially surprising epistemological picture Wolfgang Spohn; 10. Isaac Levi on abduction Maurice Pagnucco; 11. Potential answers - to what question? Erik J. Olsson; 12. Levi and the lottery Erik J. Olsson; 13. The value of truth and the value of information: on Isaac Levi's epistemology Hans Rott; 14. Decision-theoretic contraction and sequential change Horacio Arlo-Costa; 15. Deciding what you know Mark Kaplan; 16. Levi's ideals Sven Ove Hansson; 17. The mind we do not change Wolfram Hinzen; 18. Psychoanalysis as technology Akeel Bilgrami; 19. Levi on money pumps and diachronic Dutch books Wlodek Rabinowicz; 20. Levi on the reality of dispositions Johannes Persson; 21. Replies Isaac Levi.


Erik J. Olsson is senior lecturer in the department of philosophy at Lund University, Sweden. He has published extensively on epistemology, philosophy of science, and logic, and is the author of Against Coherence.

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