Selected Statistical Papers of Sir David Cox, Volume 1: Design of Investigations, Statistical Methods and Applications

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Januar 2006



Sir David Cox's most important papers, each the subject of a new commentary by Professor Cox.


Foreword D. J. Hand and A. M. Herzberg; Preface David Cox; Part I. Design of Investigations: Design of experiments; Sampling. Part II. Statistical Methods: Point process data; Binary data; Survival data; Multivariate analysis; Miscellaneous. Part III. Applications.


D. J. Hand was awarded the Guy Medal in Silver by the Royal Statistical Society in 2002. A. M. Herzberg is editor of Short Book Reviews, a publication of the International Statistical Institute.


'The style is distinctive: the ideas are at once clearly expressed and at the same time deep and revealing to even experts. A student could do well to adopt these volumes as a major part of the graduate curriculum!' Sankhya: The Indian Journal of Statistics 'What makes this work of special value is David Cox's willingness to contribute commentaries on the papers ... I think many will be pleased to have these two volumes on their bookshelves.' Publication of the International Statistical Institute '... David is a statistician's statistician. It is too early to speak of these volumes as a fitting memorial but there is no doubt that they will stand when all our work has become part of that history which David has done so much to create.' David Bartholomew, Sudbury
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