Avian Influenza

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Avian Influenza poses a looming threat for human and animal health. The old paradigm was that the disease in waterfowl, poultry, pigs and man was caused by separate viruses that stayed within their own niche. Deadly outbreaks have shattered this view. This timely reference examines such sensitive issues as regulation of low pathogenic and high pathogenic AI, surveillance of waterfowl, live bird markets, and outbreak control in densely populated areas.


Contents Preface Introduction and spread of avian influenza 1. Avian influenza viruses and influenza in humans 1 D.J. Alexander (UK), I. Capua (Italy) and I.H. Brown (UK) 2. Avian influenza viruses in Hong Kong: zoonotic considerations 9 K.F. Shortridge (China) 3. Live-bird markets in the Northeastern United States: a source of avian influenza in commercial poultry 19 D.A. Senne, J.C. Pedersen and B. Panigrahy (USA) 4. Influenza A virus surveillance in wild birds 25 V. Munster (The Netherlands), A. Wallensten (Sweden), B. Olsen (Sweden), G.F. Rimmelzwaan (The Netherlands), A.D.M.E. Osterhaus (The Netherlands) and R.A.M. Fouchier (The Netherlands) Outbreaks in densely populated poultry areas 5. The control of avian influenza in areas at risk: the Italian experience 1997-2003 33 S. Marangon, I. Capua, E. Rossi, N. Ferre', M. Dalla Pozza, L. Bonfanti and A. Mannelli (Italy) 6. An overview of the 2002 outbreak of low-pathogenic H7N2 avian influenza in Virginia, West Virginia and North Carolina 41 D.A. Senne, T.J. Holt and B.L. Akey (USA) 7. Effectiveness of control measures on the transmission of avian influenza virus (H7N7) between flocks 49 J.A. Stegeman, A. Bouma, A.R.W. Elbers, M. van Boven, M.C.M. de Jong and G. Koch (The Netherlands) Vaccination 8. Currently available tools and strategies for emergency vaccination in case of avian influenza 59 I. Capua and S. Marangon (Italy) 9. Evaluation of vaccination to support control of H5N1 avian influenza in Hong Kong 75 T.M. Ellis, L.D. Sims, H.K.H. Wong, L.A. Bissett, K.C. Dyrting, K.W. Chow and C.W. Wong (Hong Kong) 10. Vaccination of poultry against avian influenza: epidemiological rules of thumb and experimental quantification of the effectiveness of vaccination 85 M. van Boven, J. van der Goot, A.R.W. Elbers, G. Koch, G. Nodelijk, M.C.M. de Jong, T.S. de Vries, A. Bouma and J.A. Stegeman (The Netherlands) 11. The development of avian influenza vaccines for emergency use 93 T.R. Mickle, D.E. Swayne and N. Pritchard (USA) Control measures and legislation 12. Should there be a change in the definition of avian influenza for legislative control and trade purposes? 103 D.J. Alexander (UK) 13. Avian influenza control strategies in the United States of America 113 D.E. Swayne and B.L. Akey (USA) Economics of avian influenza control 14. Minimizing the vulnerability of poultry production chains for avian influenza 133 C.W. Beard (USA) 15. Economics of controlling avian influenza epidemics 139 M.A.P.M. van Asseldonk, M.P.M. Meuwissen, M.C.M. Mourits and R.B.M. Huirne (The Netherlands) Concluding remarks 149 List of participants
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