The West Bank Wall: Unmaking Palestine

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April 2006



Up-to-the-minute analysis of the impact of the Wall with an introduction by leading journalist Graham Usher.


Introduction Chapter 1: Wall and Route Chapter 2: 'The Land Without the People': the Impact of the Wall Chapter 3: Enveloping Jerusalem Chapter 4: The Wall and the International Community Chapter 5: Activism and Advocacy Notes Index


Ray Dolphin has worked with various UN agencies in emergency relief situations for more than 10 years. He is currently working in the West Bank reporting on humanitarian conditions in refugee camps, towns and villages and compiling an initial report on the impact of the West Bank wall on refugees


The West Bank Wall is logically organized, covering the wall/fence system and its technologies and offering insightful analysis of the political genesis and significance of the route Isreali planners staked out, with a particular focus on Jerusalem. -- Journal of Palestine Studies The West Bank Wall: Unmaking Palestine is a top pick for any college-level Middle East collection. -- Internet Bookwatch The Wall Israel is presently constucting in Palestinian Territory constitutes a major stumbling block in the way of peace in the Middle East. The Wall has been held to be illegal by the International Court of Justice and condemned by the General Assembly of the United Nations but there is still a lack of understanding of its full implications outside the region. Ray Dolphin's study, based on personal experience of the Wall, provides a comprehensive picture of the Wall, its effect on the lives of Palestinians, and a consideration of its political implications. A great injustice is being perpetrated on the Palestinian people through the instrument of the Wall. Ray Dolphin's book is a timely account of this injustice. -- John Dugard, Professor of International Law, University of Leiden; Special Rapporteur to the Commission on Human Rights in the Occupied Palestinian Territory This valuable book gives a unique close-up on the deteriorating everyday life of Palestinians whose education, health, and livelihoods have been so dramatically affected by Israel's building of the illegal Wall which the international community has accepted so passively. It offers too a stark analysis of the history of this planned separation and encroachment - the most audacious creation by Israel of facts on the ground intended to prevent the birth of any Palestinian state. -- Victoria Brittain, journalist and former Associate Foreign Editor of the Guardian
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