The Art of Bookmaking

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Juli 2006



Explains how 'Turf Accountants' approach any potential betting scenario, and the simple mathematics that govern transactions. From a detailed look at 'percentages' through to frame betting in snooker, this book shows how to 'price up' any sporting event in the calendar. It also shows how the Odds Compilers create prices for tournament betting.


Malcolm Boyle was an Odds Compiler for one of the leading bookmakers, and his expertise is sought throughout the media via At The Races (television), Talk Sport and the BBC (radio), Racing Ahead and Inside Edge magazines, whilst Malcolm also writes a daily column for sportinglife.com. Also involved in the world of Betting Exchanges, Malcolm was recently approached by Nuts magazine to write articles on horse racing and football, and is working as a statistician for Tote Direct, following similar work for Channel 4 Racing.
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