Computer Simulated Experiments for Electric Circuits Using Electronics Workbench Multisim

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April 2003



For courses in Electric Circuits. This unique and innovative laboratory manual helps students learn and understand circuit analysis concepts by using Electronic Workbench software to simulate actual laboratory experiments on a computer. Students work with circuits drawn on the computer screen and with simulated instruments that act like actual laboratory instruments. Circuits can be modified easily with on-screen editing, and analysis results provide fast, accurate feedback. "Hands-on” in approach throughout — in both interactive experiments and a series of questions about the results of each experiment — it is more cost effective, safer, and more thorough and efficient than using hardwired experiments. This lab manual can be sold for use with any DC/AC text.


I. DIRECT CURRENT (DC) CIRCUITS. Experiment 1. Voltage and Current in DC Circuits. Experiment 2. Ohm's Law - Resistance. Experiment 3. Electrical Power in DC Circuits. Experiment 4. Resistors in Series - Kirchhoff's Voltage Law. Experiment 5. Resistors in Parallel - Kirchhoff's Current Law. Experiment 6. Series-Parallel Circuits. Experiment 7. Voltage and Current Divider Rules. Experiment 8. Nodal Voltage Circuit Analysis. Experiment 9. Mesh Current Circuit Analysis. Experiment 10. Thevenin and Norton Equivalent Circuits. II. INSTRUMENTS. Experiment 11. Loading Effects of DC Instruments. Experiment 12. The Oscilloscope and Function Generator. III. CAPACITANCE AND INDUCTANCE. Experiment 13. Capacitance - Series and Parallel Capacitors. Experiment 14. Charging and Discharging Capacitors. Experiment 15. Inductance - Series and Parallel Inductors. Experiment 16. Transients in Inductors. Experiment 17. Transients in RLC Circuits. IV. ALTERNATING CURRENT (AC) CIRCUITS. Experiment 18. Voltage and Current in AC Circuits-RMS. Experiment 19. Inductive Reactance. Experiment 20. Capacitive Reactance. Experiment 21. Impedance of Series AC Circuits. Experiment 22. Admittance of Parallel AC Circuits. Experiment 23. Power and Power Factor in AC Circuits. Experiment 24. Nodal Analysis in AC Circuits. Experiment 25. Mesh Analysis in AC Circuits. Experiment 26. Thevenin Equivalent for AC Circuits. Experiment 27. Series Resonance. Experiment 28. Parallel Resonance. Experiment 29. High-Pass and Low-Pass Passive Filters. Experiment 30. Band-Pass and Band-Stop Passive Filters. Appendix: Notes on Using Electronics Workbench Multisim. Bibliography.
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