Mediaspace: Place, Scale and Culture in a Media Age

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November 2003



"MediaSpace" explores the importance of ideas of space and place to understanding the ways in which we experience the media in our everyday lives. Essays from leading international scholars address the kinds of space created by media and the effects that spatial arrangements have on media forms. Case studies focus on a wide variety of subjects and locales, from in-flight entertainment to mobile media such as personal stereos and mobile phones, and from the electronic spaces of the Internet to the shopping mall.
"MediaSpace" contains both theoretical overviews and a geographically diverse selection of current research. Of primary interest within media and cultural studies, it will also prove necessary reading for geographers, sociologists and anthropologists concerned with issues of space and media.


Part One: Media Theory / Spatial Theory 1 The Doubling of Place: Electronic Media, Time-Space Arrangements and Social Relationships 2 Kinetic Screens: Epistemologies of Moving Media 3 Neither Poison or Cure: Space Scale and Public Life in Media Theory 4 The Attractions of Television: Reconsidering Liveness Part Two: Work, Leisure, and the Spaces in Between 5 The Marketable Neighbourhood: Commercial Latinidad in New York's Harlem 6 Media, Bodies and Spaces of Ehtnography: Beauty Salons in Casablanca, Cairo and Paris 7 Spaces of Television: The Structuring of Consumers in a Swedish Shopping Mall 8 Dot.com Urbanism 9 Industrial Geography Lessons: Socio-Political Rituals and the Borderlands of Production Culture Part Three: New Media Spaces 10 The Webcam Subculture and the Digital Enclosure 11 Crossing the Media(n): Auto-mobility, the Transported Self, and Technologies of Freedom 12 Something Spatial in the Air: In-Flight Entertainment and the Topographies of Modern Air Travel 13 An Ontology of Everyday Control: Space, Media Flows and 'Smart' Living in the Absolute Present 14 'To Each Their Own Bubble': Mobile Spaces of Sound in the City
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