Big Girls Don't Cry

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Gives an account of who the author's daughter Paula Yates really was. From frail, lonely schoolgirl to voluptuous star of the stage and screen, wife, mother, lover, author and artist, this story discloses the truth behind two intense lives. She sets the record straight about Paula, one of Britain's best-loved - but least understood - stars.


HELENE THORNTON grew up in post-war Liverpool and left school to work as a beauty queen, cabaret showgirl and actress. Her stormy marriage to TV producer and creator of Stars on Sunday Jess Yates ended acrimoniously and she went on to have a number of relationships with high-profile suitors - the identity of many are revealed here for the first time- before marrying her French lover 'Monsieur'.

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Untertitel: The Wild and Wicked World of Paula Yates' Mother. 2 x 8pp colour plates. Sprache: Englisch.
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