Scealta: Short Stories by Irish Women

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September 2006



Collection of short stories by Irish women.


Rebecca O'Connor was born in Ireland in 1975. She received a bursary from the Arts Council of Ireland to complete her debut novel He is Mine and I Have No Other. Her poetry has been published in the Reactions anthology and in Poetry Review, where she was awarded the Geoffrey Dearmer prize for 'Best new poet of 2003'. Her story The Mayfly was an award-winner in the 2003 Virago/Marie Claire short story competition. She was writer-in-residence at the Wordsworth Trust from June to December 2005.


'A must-have anthology of contemporary writing ... There are 15 stories within this anthology, and each one a gem.' MsLexia 'One thing that does shine out, [is] the sheer quality and craft of much of the writing ... many excellent writers included here.' Sunday Tribune 'An interesting and distinctive read ... yet another barometer of the current health of the Irish short story.' Evening Herald 'These are stories that satisfy because they take time and space to develop ...' The Irish Times
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