Advances in Immunology

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August 1991



The 50th volume in a monographic series on immunology. Among the topics covered here are avian T-cell ontogeny, adoptive transfer of human lymphoid cells to severely immuno-deficient mice and histamine-releasing factors and cytokine-dependent activation of basophils and mast cells.


M.D. Cooper, C.-I.H. Chen, R.P. Bucy, and C.B. Thompson, Avian T Cell Ontogeny. J.J. Cohen, Programmed Cell Death in The Immune System. T.H. Rabbitts and T. Boehm, Structural and Functional Chimerism Results from Chromosomal Translocation in Lymphoid Tumors. D.E. Mosier, Adoptive Transfer of Human Lymphoid Cells to Severely Immunodeficient Mice: Models for Normal Human Immune Function, Autoimmunity, Lymphomagenesis, and AIDS. G. Kroemer, J.L. Andreu, J.A. Gonzalo, J.C. Gutierrez-Ramos, and C. Martinez-A, Interleukin-2, Autotolerance, and Autoimmunity. A.P. Kaplan, S. Reddigari, M. Baeza, and P. Kuna, Histamine-Releasing Factors and Cytokine-Dependent Activation of Basophils and Mast Cells. C.A. Janeway, Selective Elements for the V*gb Region of the T Cell Receptor: Mis and the Bacterial Toxic Mitogens. J.S. Pober and R.S. Cotran, Immunologic Interactions of T Lymphocytes with Vascular Endothelium. Index.


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