The No-Nonsense Real Estate Investor's Kit: How You Can Double Your Income by Investing in Real Estate on a Part-Time Basis

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April 2006



"The No-Nonsense Real Estate Investors Kit will offer step-by-step instruction and practical advice to active and aspiring real estate investors looking to cash in on real estates ongoing boom. It will describe in depth strategies that most investors are not even aware of, and how to effectively execute them. Like Luciers previous books, it will also include downloadable and customizable forms the reader can use to get started. Key topics include: Why most creativestrategies being taught today dont work and what does How to reduce risk and limit liability How to choose the right investment strategy for your situation How to earn tax-free income for the rest of your life as a homebuyer


LIST OF DOWNLOADABLE FORMS. PART I: HOW TO GET STARTED TODAY AS A PROFITABLE REAL ESTATE INVESTOR. Chapter 1: How You Can Double Your Annual Income by Investing in Real Estate on a Part--Time Basis. Chapter 2: What It Takes to Be a Successful Real Estate Investor in Today's Competitive Market. Chapter 3: How to Reduce Your Risk and Limit Your Liability as a Real Estate Investor. Chapter 4: How to Set Up and Operate Your Real Estate Investment Business for Maximum Efficiency and Profitability. Chapter 5: How to Choose Real Estate Investment Strategies That Will Work for You. PART II: FIVE REALISTIC INVESTMENT STRATEGIES THAT YOU CAN USE TO MAKE MONEY FROM REAL ESTATE TODAY. Chapter 6: Why Most of the Creative Real Estate Investment Strategies Being Taught Today Seldom Work Well. Chapter 7: How to Make Money from Vacant Properties That Aren't Advertised as Being for Sale. Chapter 8: How to Profit from Properties That Have Been Condemned for Code Violations. Chapter 9: How You Can Earn Tax--Free Income for the Rest of Your Life as a Serial Home Buyer. Chapter 10: How to Profit from Problem Properties That Scare Off Most Investors. Chapter 11: How You Can Make Money by Providing Residential Rental Housing to Underserved Tenants. PART III: THE FUNDAMENTALS OF REAL ESTATE INVESTING. Chapter 12: What You Must Know about Your State's Statutes and Other Laws Pertaining to Real Estate Investing. Chapter 13: Everything You Must Know about Real Estate Loans, Assumption Rules, Buying Subject to, and Loan Fraud. Chapter 14: What You Must Know about the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act, Closing Agents, Title Insurance, and Closing Costs When Buying and Selling Property. PART IV: NINE--STEP PROCESS FOR BUYING AND SELLING REAL ESTATE. Chapter 15: How to Find Owners Who Are Willing to Sell Their Property below Market Value. Chapter 16: How to Perform Preliminary Due Diligence When Buying Property. Chapter 17: How to Conduct a Thorough Pre--Buy Property Inspection So You Know What You're Buying. Chapter 18: How to Accurately Estimate a Property's Market Value So You Don't Pay More Than What It's Worth. Chapter 19: How to Prepare Purchase and Sale Agreements So Your Position Is Protected during the Transaction. Chapter 20: How to Negotiate So You Get the Best Possible Deal for Yourself. Chapter 21: How to Finance Your Real Estate Deals Even When You Don't Have a High Income, Huge Bank Account, and Perfect Credit Score. Chapter 22: How to Fix Up Your Property So You Maximize Its Curb Appeal and Resale Value. Chapter 23: How to Package and Market Your Property So You Can Sell It for Maximum Profit. RESOURCES: Real Estate Investor Resources Online. ABOUT THE AUTHOR. INDEX.


Thomas J. Lucier is the President and CEO of Home Equities Corp., a company that specializes in the purchase, turnaround, and resale of small residential and commercial rental properties in the Tampa Bay area. He is the author of two other Wiley books, The Pre--Foreclosure Property Investora s Kit and How to Make Money with Real Estate Options.
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