Microsoft Office Specialist Excel: Study Guide

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Validate your expertise and get the attention of employers with Microsoft Office Specialist certification. This comprehensive guide is what you need to prepare for certification in Excel 2003, both the Specialist and Expert levels.
Carefully planned by a seasoned Microsoft Office Specialist instructor, this invaluable study guide uses real-world scenarios to teach the full range of Excel 2003 skills you need-not only to prepare for the certification exams, but also to increase your ability and productivity in the workplace. Covering twenty-four Specialist exam objectives and thirty-three Expert exam objectives, the book progresses through the functions and features of Excel software. Even entry-level Excel users can rapidly build their skills.
Excel 2003 Specialist Certification Skill Sets
* Creating Data and Content
* Analyzing Data
* Formatting Data and Content
* Collaborating
* Managing Workbooks
Excel 2003 Expert Certification Skill Sets
* Organizing and Analyzing Data
* Formatting Data and Content
* Collaborating
* Managing Data and Workbooks
* Customizing Excel
Plus, you'll find additional career preparation tools, including:
* Solutions for real-world scenarios
* Structured learning for quick productivity
* Full glossary of terms
Go to www.sybex.com/go/mosexcel2003 for downloadable sample files from the exercises in the book. Practice what you've learned on your own.
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Chapter 1. Navigating in Excel and Understanding the Interface.
Chapter 2. Formats, Graphics, and Excel's Templates.
Chapter 3. Organizing Data, Changing Views, and Printing.
Chapter 4. Editing Tools, Comments, and Hyperlinks.
Chapter 5. Formulas and Functions in Excel.
Chapter 6. Advanced Functions, Table Arrays, and Database Features.
Chapter 7. Advanced Data Organization and Display.
Chapter 8. Data Analysis and Sharing Workbooks.
Chapter 9. Advanced Template Design and Workbook Security.
Chapter 10. Data In and Data Out.
Chapter 11. Working with Macros.
Chapter 12. Customizing Excel and Setting Defaults.
Scenario Solutions.


Linda F. Johnson, is a seasoned instructor who teaches the Specialist and Expert level classes for the Microsoft Office Specialist certification at Lansdale School of Business. She also owns and maintains a website, Linda's Computer Stop, at http://personal-computer-tutor.com.

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