Essential Microsoft Operations Manager

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For system administrators, ensuring that all Windows servers are performing optimally is a tall order. The larger the enterprise, the greater the chance for irritating, time-consuming configuration problems. Sometimes, you can determine the root cause of the problem yourself-but that's only if you're lucky.
With Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM), the diagnosis is done for you. MOM monitors server operations and automatically notifies you of problems by sending an immediate alert to your console, email address, or pager. To help you better understand how MOM works, O'Reilly presents Essential Microsoft Operations Manager.
The goal of this comprehensive tutorial is to give first-time MOM administrators a solid foundation for planning, implementing, and administering MOM 2005. Author Chris Fox, a renowned MOM expert, offers the type of practical, real-world advice that you need to improve the performance of your IT infrastructure.
After taking you through the entire process of setting up MOM on the network, the book moves on to more advanced administration issues. It carefully instructs you how to program and automate MOM and the agents that reside on the servers themselves. You'll also learn how to manage the scripts that determine which server agents are relevant to report.
By capturing system data, intelligently analyzing it, and then notifying you with a suggested course of action, MOM makes extinguishing fires a breeze. And now, thanks toEssential Microsoft Operations Manager, learning how to use MOM is a breeze, too.


Part I. Introducing Operations Management and MOM 2005
1. Introduction to MOM 2005
     Using MOM 2005
     Basic MOM Structure
     The Life of a MOM 2005 Alert
     MOM 2005 Components
     Additional Components
2. Designing, Planning, and Implementing MOM 2005
     Requirement Gathering
     Design Decisions
     Pre-Installation Configuration Decisions
     Testing and Piloting
     Installation Specifics
Part II. Managing and Using MOM on a Daily Basis
3. Managing Agents
     Agent Functions
     Preparing to Deploy Agents
     Deploying and Managing Agents in a Trusted LAN
     Deploying and Managing Agents Across a Firewall and a Slow WAN Link
     Deploying and Managing Agents Into an Untrusted Environment
     Deploying and Managing Agents from Multiple Management Groups
4. Administering Management Packs
     Management Pack Life Cycle
     Importing Management Packs into Preproduction
     Transfer the Management Pack to Production
     Creating Simple Management Packs
5. Administering Global Settings
6. Operator Console
     Console Scopes
     Creating a Custom Console Scope
     Using the Console
7. MOM 2005 Database Fundamentals
     SQL Server Enterprise Manager
     Data Transformation Service
     MOM 2005 Reporting Databases
8. MOM 2005 Reporting
     Administering MOM 2005 Reporting
Part III. MOM 2005 Enterprise Integration
9. Connecting MOM 2005
     Connecting MOM to MOM
10. Extending Monitoring
     Understanding SNMP
     Windows and MOM Implementation of SNMP
     Configuring Windows and MOM for SNMP


Chris Fox is an independent author, who specializes in architecting
enterprise infrastructures based on the Microsoft Platform. He has been
doing this for 8 years and likes to share his experiences by writing
articles and books.

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