Window Seat: The Art of Digital Photography & Creative Thinking

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Window Seat: The Art of Digital Photography and Creative Thinking is a complete view of a creative project from the artist's perspective. Julieanne Kost, a Photoshop and creative thinking expert, has taken her own experience shooting images out of commercial airplane windows to create a unique creative seminar.
The first section of the book, The Art of Creative Thinking: The Principles, outlines Julieanne's method for staying creative in an increasingly complicated world. In her personal stories, advice, and philosophies, you'll find inspiration if you're stuck or just can't get started. You may recognize some of your own less-than-productive thought processes as she describes her own struggle to let go of the everyday flotsam of life to find a quiet mental space in which she can think, dream, and create.
The second part of the book, Window Seat: The Portfolio, is a collection of images culled from over 3000 photographs Julieanne shot from commercial airplane windows over a period of five years. The photographs are accompanied by brief commentaries addressing various aspects of the process, from the original inspiration to issues of control, subject matter, image selection, and manipulation.
The Appendix contains technical information: a discussion of the equipment and media Julieanne used to shoot the photos; how she processed the photographs using Adobe Camera Raw; the Photoshop techniques she employed to correct, retouch, and manipulate the images; her personal file management system; and how she prepares her files for printing.
This book is essential reading for photographers and artists looking for ways to stay creatively awake, aware, and alive.


Julieanne Kost's foray into Photoshop began in 1993 when she joined Adobe Systems in a technical support role for Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Premiere. Two years later, she took on an in-house design role creating educational content for several of Adobe's products, including user guides, tutorials, and the "Classroom in a Book" series.


"Window Seat ist ein schöner Bildband für jeden, der sich in seinem Leben etwas mehr Kreativität wünscht und macht Lust auf Kunst!" - StuSieLUG - Linux Usergroup Freiburg, Juni 2006
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