Your Florida Guide to Perennials: Selection, Establishment, and Maintenance

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Juni 2006



Whether you are just gaining an interest in perennials or have a long-time appreciation of them, this fourth book in the popular Your Florida Guide to...series will become a valuable gardening resource. Perennials provide extended seasons of color that enhance any landscape. With Your Florida Guide to Perennials you will recognize old favorites and be introduced to gorgeous new varieties to add to your garden's plant palette. Sydney Park Brown and Rick Schoellhorn combine 30 years horticulture experience, offering a variety of ways to select and enjoy perennials, such as fragrance, season of color, drought tolerance, shade tolerance, and wildlife attractants. They provide information not currently available to either consumers or industry professionals on perennial selection, use, and care. Over 250 perennials are featured in a user-friendly format that includes a plant identification color wheel, sidebars, and nearly 200 full-color photos for easy identification. All the major climatic zones in Florida are covered along with success tips for each zone. Native species are noted.


Sydney Park Brown is an environmental horticulture agent for the UF/IFAS Extension Service. She also writes a gardening column for the Tampa Tribune. Brown is the recipient of the Florida Nurserymen and Growers Association Outstanding Horticultural Writer award. Rick Schoellhorn is director of new products for Proven Winners, a brand of flowering plants. He was formerly an Extension floriculture specialist and associate professor in the Department of Environmental Horticulture at the University of Florida.

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