Late Egyptian Grammar

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Friedrich Junge's pioneering introduction to the grammar of Late Egyptian, the language of the New Kingdom, fills a longstanding gap in teaching works for Ancient Egyptian. The English translation of the second German edition makes the work available to a wide audience. The author devotes special attention to the language of papyri and ostraca the texts of everyday life and uses examples and exercises to familiarise the reader with the major text categories. Some kowledge of Middle Egyptian is assumed. The forms of Late Egyptian are set in context in the history of the language, relating them to Middle Egyptian forms on the one hand and to Demotic and Coptic forms on the other. An appendix offers a preliminary synthesis of formulas in oaths and letters, units of value including the necropolis administration at Deir el-Medina, the workmen's village at Thebes. This second edition contains numerous corrections to the text, while incorporating where possible points made by reviewers.


Friedrich Junge is Professor of Egyptology at the University of Gttingen and the author of numerous works on the ancient Egyptian language.

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