How does MRI work?

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This thoroughly revised second edition succinctly introduces the physics and function of magnetic resonance imaging. All important and clinically relevant aspects are presented in a clearly structured manner. The emphasis is on practical information including the latest trends and developments that are relevant for MRI in the clinical setting. The opening chapters describe the underlying physical principles of the MR experiment and the basic pulse sequences commonly used in clinical MRI. Other chapters are dedicated to more advanced techniques such as parallel imaging and cardiovascular MR imaging. The book is rounded out by chapters on MR contrast media, artifacts, high-field imaging, and safety concerns. An extensive glossary offers rapid access to the most important MRI terminology. The book is intended for readers looking for an easy to understand and concise introduction to this fascinating yet somewhat complex imaging modality at the beginning of their MRI training.


Spins and the MR Phenomenon.- Relaxation.- Image Contrast.- Layer Selection and Spatial Coding.- Determinants of the Signal-to-Noise Ratio.- Design of an MR Tomograph.- Basic Pulse Sequences.- Fast Pulse-Sequences.- Techniques for Representation of the Vascular System.- MR Contrast-Media.- Artefacts in the MR Image.- Safety and Risks.- Glossary.- Subject Index. Spin and the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Phenomenon.- Relaxation.- Image Contrast.- Slice Selection and Spatial Encoding.- Factors Affecting the Signal-to-Noise Ratio.- The MR Scanner.- Basic Pulse Sequences.- Fast Pulse Sequences.- Fat Suppression Techniques.- Parallel Imaging.- Cardiovascular Imaging.- MR Contrast Agents.- MR Artifacts.- High-Field Clinical MR Imaging.- Bioeffects and Safety.



From the reviews:
Radiology 2008: "... The book is well organized, with a linear and logical sequence. The chapters progress from basic to more complex concepts, and subsequent chapters build well on their predecessors. ... The authors employ clear and concise language, and explanations of even the most difficult concepts were quite adequate. ... The authors are concise yet thorough in their discussion of MR, as well as the many procedures and sequences for producing MR images. This book is reasonably priced and provides a good framework for further study into this complex topic." (Brian Suddarth, MD, Radiology: Volume 246: Number 3, March 2008)
Surgical and Radiological Anatomy Vol. 26, Issue 3, 2004: ..the authors describe in English in the plainest fashion, and within hardly more than 100 pages, the theroretical and technical bases of magnetic resonance imaging. ...the book should be warmly recommended to anyone after thry have become accustomed to MRI. In such circumstances this is a very comprehensive handbook, particularly useful as a reminder of the concepts of MRI.... a valuable technical handbook...
"This volume is the first translation into English of the German edition ... . it is a text for those who wish to familiarize themselves with the workings of magnetic resonance imaging. ... has a lucid yet not oversimplified text and extremely informative, high-quality images. The very useful glossary completes the book. ... the book is easy to carry around in a bag or brief case, and you will soon find yourself reading it whenever you have time. An excellent publication!" (E. K. J. Pauwels, European Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging, Vol. 32 (3), March, 2005)
From the reviews of the second edition:
"The book presents short, bite-sized chapters of MR information that can be easily digested. ... This book would suit part 1 trainees undertaking an MRI placement, or students wanting to cover the basics of MR. ... Similarly, this book would also be well suited to radiologists doing their training or radiographers ... . As an introduction to MRI this book meets its aim, and it does it very well too. ... a worthwhile purchase for anyone wishing to gain a good grounding in MRI." (John McLean, SCOPE, June, 2007)
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