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The Ultimate Illustrated Guide for Nonscientists "Science 101: Ecology" shows how every living and nonliving thing has a unique role to play on Earth. Learn why most plants and animals would die if insects became extinct. Discover the surprising value of large predators in the world's ecosystems. Experience Earth's extremes, from the sweltering rain forest of Costa Rica to the frozen tundra of Siberia. Clear, engaging text details ecology's past, present, and future Comprehensive information on the world's animal and plant populations, and the unique and varied habitats in which they live More than 250 full-color photographs and illustrations Ready Reference section with at-a-glance charts and diagrams featuring endangered species and famous ecologists


Jennifer Freeman is a science writer focusing on connections between science and society. She has written on topics ranging from health to climate change. She recently contributed to Climate: The Force That Shapes Our World, writing about water issues relating to climate change. As a writer at the Earth Institute at Columbia University, she communicated about science in support of sustainable development.

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