Fats Waller on the Air

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A documentation of radio and television appearances by the Jazz pianist and entertainer Thomas 'Fats' Waller, from his first broadcast in 1923 at age 19, until his final airing shortly before his premature death in 1943. Also including a comprehensive discography and previously unpublished photos.


Part 1 Foreword Part 2 Acknowledgments Part 3 Note to Readers Part 4 Abbreviations Part 5 Introduction Chapter 6 1. Broadcast Listing Chapter 7 2. Additional Information Chapter 8 3. Broadcast Tributes and Other Programs Part 9 Appendixes Chapter 10 A. A Timechart of Early Sound Recording Chapter 11 B. Discography Part 12 Bibliography Part 13 People and Places Index Part 14 Tune Title Index Part 15 About the Author


Stephen Taylor is a retired engineer and Fats Waller enthusiast now living in Thailand with his wife and daughter.


...the definitive book on Fats Waller's commercial and non-commercial recordings...This work is long overdue and this volume with its library binding will get plenty of use from Waller collectors. -- Steve Ramm In The Groove ...a precise documentation of these many broadcasts, from the first one in 1923, down through the flurry of transcribed appearances during what was to be the last year of his life. The broadcast listings contain a wealth of detail and anecdote revealing much about Waller's prodigious performing, with illuminating details about the times, radio broadcasting, the musicians and the people involved. Joslin's Jazz Journal This book is an essential addition to jazz history and a must for any serious research on the subject. Vjm's Jazz and Blues Mart ...a particularly fascinating look at this bygone world... New York Daily News ...a wonderful book...well put together...this is probably as definitive as it gets. Jazzbeat, 2006 (vol.18, nos. 2&3) This book contains descriptions and excerpts of radio and television broadcasts featuring Fats Waller from 1923 to 1943 (the year he died), as well as later tributes and accounts of broadcasts. The listing incorporates dates of the broadcasts and songs played. Also included is a perhaps unparalleled, very extensive discography of all known recordings-about 150 pages-compiled from the author's record collection and other sources; it is annotated and lists record label information, musicians, and format. The indexes are divided between people and places, and tune titles. Reference and Research Book News, August 2006 It will delight fellow-Waller obsessives and should find its way into libraries where any student of 1930s popular culture will find facts galore, meticulously collated. -- Ron Simpson
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