Revising Life Through Literature: Dialogical Change from the Reformation Through Postmodernism

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April 2006



After the Reformation, science superseded both religion and literature as the favored source of knowledge. As people became free of a catechism of rote responses, they found the concept of self-determination both liberating and terrifying. Literature stepped in by providing examples of fictional characters that made choices in circumstances similar to the quandaries faced by readers_situations that could not be easily resolved by scripture alone.


Part 1 List of Tables Part 2 Acknowledgments Part 3 Introduction Chapter 4 1. The Seventeenth Century: A New Worldview Chapter 5 2. The Eighteenth Century: The Enlightenment and Rationalizing Morality Chapter 6 3. The Nineteenth Century: Culture Opposed to Nature Chapter 7 4. The Twentieth Century: Literary Modernism and Putting the Pieces Together Chapter 8 5. The Twentieth Century and Beyond: Postmodernism and Living with Change through Dialogism Part 9 Conclusion Part 10 Bibliography Part 11 Index Part 12 About the Author


Joyce D. Brotton is associate professor of English at Northern Virginia Community College, where she teaches world literature, composition, and technical writing. She also serves as Program Head for English Adjunct Faculty and coordinates the Certificate in Professional Writing for the college.


When science superseded both religion and literature as the favored source for knowledge, most people were at a loss for practical and theoretical guidance in daily life. Brotton (English, Northern Virginia Community College) examines how literature rebounded by supplying characters making the same difficult decisions as were readers, and both making those decisions bereft of religion. Brotton works through a range of works, including King Lear, The Duchess of Malfi, Paradise Lost, Candide, Wuthering Heights and Adam Bede, with modern references in Ulysses, The French Lieutenant's Woman and works by Barnes and Atwood. Reference and Research Book News, August 2006 The book will be influential in literary criticism and the history of ideas. It is very well written... -- Ray B. Browne, Distinguished Professor of Popular Culture, Bowling Green University
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